Why Choose FOCUS Instead of a Lawsuit Loan?

Delay Case Costs and Avoid Other Types of Litigation Funding

What are the benefits of using FOCUS Case Support Services to defer case expenses rather than taking out a lawsuit loan, attorney line of credit, using loans for lawyers or other types of litigation funding? There are numerous reasons why FOCUS offers many law firm and attorney case support advantages, including:


Do not rush into a settlement in fear of accruing interest on your law firm loans – FOCUS gives you the freedom to pursue your case fully, offering an interest-free bill.

Know the Case Costs Before They Are Incurred

Reduce your worry and focus on your case. We inform you of any fees upfront and act only after approval. FOCUS Case Support Services keeps case expenses incurred in the control of the attorney.

Option to Defer Fees

With the option to defer payment until the case resolves, you free up room in your budget for other opportunities to develop your practice. This extra cash can be used to advertise, grow your practice and retain more clients and cases.

Obtain the Necessary Litigation Financing and Support Services to Bolster Your Case

Do not let fear of advancing costs of trial hold you back from offering the best representation possible for your clients. FOCUS allows you to gain access to all the case support services you need, including record retrieval, expert witnesses, discovery, demonstrative aids, trial consultants and more, enabling you to fully prepare your cases and bolster your clients’ legal positions.

Attorneys Can Use Their Preferred Vendors

FOCUS provides many litigation support services on its own, but we also have a long list of nationwide vendors whom we regularly work with and trust. However, if you have a preferred vendor already, you can still use them while working with FOCUS to defer the case costs and expenses incurred through that vendor.

Contact FOCUS for nationwide help today by calling our toll-free number (855) 909-0000, or simply complete our online case support form. Someone from our office will get back to you shortly.

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