Record Retrieval is an Expensive Process in MDL

As some attorneys may well know, multi district litigation (MDL) cases often require the retrieval of medical records, which can be difficult to get, as the entire process can be lengthy and costly. If you are an attorney that deals with mass tort litigation, the collective costs of retrieving dozens or hundreds of clients’ medical records can be financially daunting. However, as you know, these records are often critically important to win complex legal battles.

For attorneys looking for an efficient way to handle mass tort and MDL record retrieval and other similar services, there is FOCUS Case Support Services. We exist to aid hardworking attorneys in retrieving those crucial records in a way that could reduce stress and time.

How FOCUS Can Help You Retrieve Records

FOCUS allows you to arrange a variety of professional legal services, including medical record retrieval, into a single simple step. Best of all, after paying a small retainer, you do not have to pay a dime in support fees until the end of your case or cases. We are also interest-free, so you do not have to feel pressure to settle to keep the interest from compiling. As payments are deferred until the end of your case, you will have room in your budget to put towards the development of your law practice.

To get started, you can fill out our case initiation form and submit it online. Additionally, you can learn about the variety of ways that FOCUS helps attorneys by regularly reading our blog. We assist attorneys nationwide.

FOCUS – Case Support Services, LLC

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