Unsure If You Can Afford To Take On More Asbestos Cases?

If you are an attorney that is considering delving into asbestos litigation, then you have probably learned that you may be dealing with several similar asbestos cases at the same time. In fact, you may eventually have more clients than you can afford to take on at that time.

Fortunately, Focus can increase your cash flow so you can take on as many cases as you think you can handle. While the costs of a single asbestos case may not seem expensive, handling multiple cases, with multiple medical tests, can add up.

Asbestos Medical Testing is Important for Case Success

It is important for the strength of your case that your clients be medically tested to determine if they have suffered any sort of impairment from exposure to asbestos at the workplace. These results can be vital in determining the damage done by an employer’s negligence.

Attorneys pursuing asbestos claims face the challenge of paying for on-going testing for their clients, while still maintaining sufficient cash flow to continue to acquire new cases.  By using FOCUS to schedule, perform and pay the testing expenses, these attorneys can direct more of their funds to acquiring more new cases.

How does it work?  The attorneys retain FOCUS to schedule and perform the necessary testing on the attorneys’ clients to identify which clients are affected by asbestos exposure.  When the asbestos trusts disburse funds to those clients with proper claims, the attorney pays FOCUS for its services as a reimbursable case expense.

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