Is Expert Witness Testimony Worth the Cost?

A lawsuit in New York gives an interesting glimpse into the amount spent on expert witness testimony in highly contested litigation. New York’s state government will spend nearly $1 million on expert witnesses alone in Maisto v. New York, a lawsuit brought by school districts over educational funding. This total is almost a third greater than the funds the state expects to expend on attorneys’ fees in the case, demonstrating the importance that the testimony of these witnesses can hold. Experts in Maisto v. New York were testifying about educational resources, but a variety of experts are often required in litigation ranging from small contract disputes to wrongful death claims.

Personal injury cases and medical malpractice in particular regularly require medical experts like nurses and physicians to explain complex conditions and procedures in terms a jury can understand. A survey of over 5,000 expert witnesses revealed that medical experts tend to be the most expensive, with hourly rates for a neurologist running almost double that of the most costly non-medical experts. With medical experts often costing over $500 an hour for deposition and testimony, plaintiffs and their attorneys expect to get results. Experts charge high hourly fees because attorneys know that the right expert testimony can make or break a case.

How Do I Know I Have The Right Expert Witness?

The good news is that trial lawyers have resources when it comes to finding and compensating expert witnesses. FOCUS Case Support Services specializes in providing qualified expert testimony to build your case and deferring the expenses until a suit has been resolved. Deferring expenses lets attorneys devote sufficient case support to current litigation while having the resources to take on the additional clients that will increase revenue. In addition to expert witnesses, FOCUS provides a full range of case support services that include record retrieval, process service, and multimedia presentation materials. All that is needed to get started is a simple Case Initiation Form.

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