Expert Witness Key To $13M Mesothelioma Verdict

A unique lawsuit in California provides another example of an expert witness contributing to a case that might not have succeeded otherwise. A Los Angeles jury awarded a woman $13 million after finding Colgate-Palmolive responsible for causing the woman’s mesothelioma with an asbestos-tainted product. The victim’s lawyers argued that Colgate’s Cashmere Bouquet talcum powder, which contained the carcinogenic mineral, caused the fatal illness commonly found in miners, dock workers and construction workers.

Testimony from the victim’s physician played a large role in convincing the jury that the product was the cause of illness. The physician is a leading expert on mesothelioma and serves as Director of Thoracic Oncology at UCLA’s Department of Surgery. Even with a scarcity of research linking tainted cosmetics to mesothelioma in women, her doctor explained how the contaminated talcum powder was the most reasonable and likely cause of his patient’s disease. Combined with evidence of asbestos contamination contained in Colgate’s own records, the argument proved very convincing to the jury.

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