Estimating Litigation Costs

It is no secret that civil litigation can be very expensive. Administrative costs, expert witness fees and other expenses add up as cases progress. Attorneys try to anticipate the costs of resolving cases, but estimating expenses can be very difficult. Expenses vary greatly from case to case and there is usually a possibility of settlement at any stage in the process.

The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) has developed a model that seeks to make cost estimation easier and more accurate. The NCSC focused on the amount of time spent by attorneys on different litigation tasks. Their Civil Litigation Cost Model (CLCM) looks at how tasks, and the time required for completion, change at different stages of litigation. The CLCM also examines cases by separating them into six case types.

Are Litigation Costs Estimates Reliable?

The CLCM provides a general idea of what a case might cost, but it demonstrates that there is a huge range of costs based on how far cases go without being settled. A typical automobile tort will double in cost if it goes to a trial verdict instead of being settled before trial.

The model also shows that certain types of litigation can be especially expensive. Most civil cases settle before trial, but quick settlement is never assured. Taking an average contract dispute through trial would cost more than twice what an automobile tort case would, and the average malpractice case would cost almost three times the amount of the automobile case.

Will You Have the Resources to Get the Most Out of Your Case?

FOCUS Case Support Services allows attorneys to defer case support expenses until the case fully resolves. FOCUS provides assistance with expert witnesses, records, visual presentations and other support services cases demand. Without the burden of paying case support fees as the case progresses, you can continue to grow your business and fight for better case outcomes.

The services that FOCUS provides increase financial flexibility while being very friendly to your long-term bottom line. There is no interest on deferred expenses, and you have total control over the amount spent on support services. Please contact us today for more information, or simply fill out a case initiation form as the first step in getting the case support services to boost your success

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