Don’t Let Case Expenses Limit the Growth of Your Practice

Work Up Your Case Now. Pay Later.

As an attorney, you may feel conflicted about how to prioritize your spending. Investing in your firm is obviously important for keeping your practice thriving, but that big case you’re working on also needs funds for the best chance of success. At FOCUS Case Support Services, we believe that investing in one area should not come at the expense of another. With FOCUS, you can build the best possible case with no cost upfront, giving you the freedom to grow your practice with your remaining budget.

How Can FOCUS Help With My Case Expenses?

Attorneys typically outsource a number of different functions in building a solid legal case and proving damages: record retrieval, nurse review, medical chronology, court reporting, process serving, etc. FOCUS offers the services to best meet your needs. This means you save time otherwise spent searching for and negotiating with numerous vendors to find just the right ones.

With FOCUS, you get expert, timely service for whatever you need with the added benefit of deferred payment until your case resolves. And, if you have a vendor you enjoy working with, FOCUS can secure their services for your case, while still allowing you deferred payment. The fact that you can now pay your case expenses at the end of the case means you do not need to sacrifice quality or delay working your case up to save money. Instead, you are able to order the services you need when you need them, and pay for them out of the case recovery.

With My Case Expenses Covered for Now…How Can I Grow My Practice?

With less of your cash flow devoted to case expenses, you can now focus on growing your practice! This means:

  • Boost your marketing by:
    • Buying ad space on billboards, TV, radio and online
    • Creating a new website or upgrading your current website
    • Paying someone to handle all of your social media accounts and interact with both satisfied clients and new potential clients
  • Hiring new attorneys, paralegals or staff members to assist with around-the-office tasks, research and discovery
  • Upgrading to an expanded office to both house more employees and foster a more esteemed image with potential clients
  • Updating your computers, discovery software and other technology and equipment

Develop Your Personal Injury Cases and Expand Your Business at the Same Time

Our services help you take on more clients, keep more cases and more fully work up those cases, because you no longer have to worry about fronting the case expenses. With the money you save, you can increase your online presence, fund your office overhead and allocate money to spend on whichever expenses are the most pressing. For more information, call (855) 909-0000 or send us a form online to request services directly.


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