Choose your case support services, pay when your case resolves.

Case support services can be one of the largest expenses an attorney incurs including expert witnesses, record retrieval and court reporting. However, their performances can also be vital to winning your case. FOCUS services accrue no interest which ultimately means there is no reason to settle in a rush. We offer trial lawyers a unique solution to maximize profits and increase growth potential. With the option to defer case support expenses until your case resolves, trial lawyers are able to accelerate cash flow to ultimately grow your practice. Not being required to pay these fees upfront frees up room in your budget to invest in a variety of opportunities whether it be taking on more cases or increasing marketing initiatives.

FOCUS Case Support Services facilitates the relationship between trial lawyer and case support specialists by identifying a broad range of qualified experts and/or legal support professionals in any location across the country. As the attorney, you have the ability to review and approve any charges before they are incurred. This lets the attorney remain in complete control of the total case expenses throughout the litigation process. When you are ready, we will work with you to ensure delivery of an expert who is available to discuss your case.

To start the search for your best qualified expert or legal support professional, contact us today at (512) 524-4449.

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