The FOCUS Advantage Avoids Traditional Loans for Lawyers

Get Interest-Free Case Costs Instead of Attorney Funding Loans

FOCUS Case Support Services offers trial lawyers the ability to pay case support expenses once the case resolves instead of utilizing high-interest attorney funding loans.

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By using FOCUS, I don’t have as much tied up in my cases which allows me to grow my practice.
A.S., Attorney

Attorneys Pay on a Deferred Basis, Interest Free

Litigation support services are typically one of the largest expenses a trial lawyer must shoulder. For example, in complex cases, these fees can exceed $100K. In mass tort or personal injury cases, record retrieval, discovery and expert witness fees coupled with general firm overhead can create extremely tight budgets for trial lawyers. This also limits their ability to take on new cases or grow their practice.

How Do Case Support Services Work?

The lawyer simply contacts FOCUS by phone (855) 909-0000, email at or faxing in the case initiation form to (512) 524-2555.

FOCUS provides first class service for all of your case support needs. You can allow FOCUS to locate within its network the best service provider at the best price. Or, if want to work with your favorite vendor who may be outside of FOCUS’s network and still obtain the benefits of FOCUS’s service and deferred payment, you can.

Unlike attorney loans or law firm financing, our litigation support services do not require extensive credit checks, UCC liens or personal guarantees. Avoid all the negative effects of utilizing attorney lines of credit and attorney lawsuit loans when you choose FOCUS for your case support services.

Benefits of FOCUS Case Support Services over Law Firm Financing

– Free up cash flow to take on more cases
– Increase marketing and new client development initiatives
– Do not take on high interest attorney funding loans or lines of credit, just use FOCUS
– Arrange all case support services in one simple step

Contact us by phone toll free at (855) 909-0000 or fill out our online case support form on this site for more information. To learn why our case support services may benefit your practice more than using loans for lawyers or taking out lawsuit loans, read our mass tort and personal injury litigation news blog.


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