About FOCUS: Defer Case Costs Until the Case Resolves

Avoid Lawsuit Loans with Case Support Services

FOCUS Case Support Services brings lawyers together with experts and other legal support professionals by providing a convenient solution that maximizes revenue and profitability. Expert witnesses, medical record retrieval, discovery costs and other case support services and specialists often play critically important roles in mass tort and personal injury cases. However, when money is tied up in paying your overhead costs or the costs of other ongoing litigation funding, how does a law firm pay for these services without lawsuit cash advances?

There is a better way. FOCUS.

Accelerate Your Business with Litigation Support

The more important or complex the matter, the more likely it is that one or more professionals will be involved. From the trial lawyer perspective, the problem is cash flow. Trial lawyers pay for case expenses up front and are not reimbursed until the case resolves, sometimes years later.

When using FOCUS, trial lawyers are given the option to defer payment of litigation expenses until their cases resolve, freeing up funds to grow and develop their practices. Why would you take out lawsuit loans or use high-interest lawsuit funding when you can simply defer case costs until the conclusion of litigation without interest?

Benefits of Interest-Free Case Support Services

– Pay case support expenses at the end of the case
– Accelerate cash flow to grow your practice
– Access to a range of litigation support services
– Take on more cases

With just one call, FOCUS can assess your needs and quickly connect the trial lawyer with reliable professionals to cover every aspect of a case. Avoid lawyer loans from legal finance companies or pre-settlement funding companies and all the negative consequences. With FOCUS, you will have no blanket UCC liens, no personal guarantees, no high interest rates, no interest payments and no invasive credit checks. Call us at (855) 909-0000 or submit our online case support contact form.

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