FOCUS Case Support Services, LLC

Defer Case Costs Interest Free Instead of Attorney Lawsuit Loans

FOCUS enables trial lawyers to obtain all their litigation support services now, but pay later when their cases resolve.

Our case support services allow you to obtain all the necessary litigation support you need for a flat fee paid when your case resolves. We are not a litigation funding company. We are a service provider offering top flight customer care with the added benefit of deferred payment. We provide case support services on mass tort, multidistrict litigation and personal injury cases ranging from record retrieval and asbestos testing to court reporters and expert witnesses.

Unlike litigation financing or a lawsuit loan, law firms can select our flat fee option that will not bear interest or require interest payments each month. We also do not require personal guarantees, blanket UCC liens or invasive credit checks. Lawyers do not have to pay case costs back until the resolution of the litigation and without the worry of interest. Take the pressure off the need to settle a case by using our litigation services for attorneys.

What Case Support Services Does FOCUS Provide?

FOCUS provides timely and top-flight attorney case support services, including but not limited to:

  • Medical record retrieval
  • Medical record nurse review
  • Medical record chronologies
  • Plaintiff fact sheet preparation
  • Court reporting
  • Demonstrative aids
  • Expert witnesses
  • Focus groups for trial preparation
  • Process servers
  • Trial consultants
  • Videographers
  • Interpreting for document review, depositions, hearings and trials

For more information about our nationwide litigation services, call FOCUS toll free at (855) 909-0000. Attorneys can also submit questions via our online case support submission form, and our office will get back to you shortly.

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